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Winter Tales | PRODUCT

Boxed set cover

Every Winter Tales box contains:

  • 1 game board;
  • 1 English rulebook plus 1 Italian rulebook
  • 7 reference sheets;
  • 7 faction counters;
  • 14 maxi character cards;
  • 14 characters icons;
  • 93 story cards;
  • 3 neutral cards
  • 14 objective cards;
  • 8 quest counters;
  • 6 power counters;
  • 1 bookmark counter;
  • 1 ongoing mission pawn;
  • 1 acting player counter
  • 1 epilogue tile;
  • 1 story arbiter counter.


Game board

Game board – Wintertown

The game board contains a map of Wintertown.
The town is composed by Locations, connected by Streets and Squares.
Below the map there's the Memory Track, where some of the cards you play will act as Memories, and the space for the Epilogue, used in 7-memories games.
The game board gives also hints for storytelling: if you look closely at the location where your character is or at the illustrations of houses and blocks you may find it easier to wave your story!


Faction counters - Which side are you on?

Show who the player is supporting between Spring, Winter and Writer (to be used in game with an odd number of players).


Character cards - Soldiers vs Fairy Tales

Winter Tales includes fourteen characters, seven Soldiers of Winter and seven Fairy Tale characters, each represented by a card.
Characters are put in front of the players and may be ready (front of the card) or activated (back) and show when the character comes into play during narration and conflicts.

Character icon

Character icons - Stand your ground!

Each character is represented by a cardboard figurine on a base, white for Soldiers and black for Fairy Tales, which shows the character's position in Wintertown. If a character is incapacitated during the game its figurine is laid down on the board.


Story cards - Once upon a time...

Story cards are used to settle Battles and Missions. Each card has two sides: one for Spring and the other for Winter. Cards are played with Spring side facing up when used in favour of Fairy Tales and with Winter side when used for Soldiers.


Neutral cards - Between light and darkness we have also shadows

These cards show Memories there are in favour of neither Spring nor Winter.


Objective cards

These cards are extra elements for Objectives Module.


Mission counters

The game includes eight mission counters for the seven Quest types. Six Quests are each represented by one counter, the background of which has the colour of one of the Factions. The Great Artefact Quest has two different counters, one for each Faction.


Power counters

These counters are extra elements for powers module.


Bookmark counter

Is a narrative reminder, placed on the last generated Memory, to connect all the tales.

Ongoing mission

Ongoing mission pawn

The ongoing mission pawn is placed on the mission counter when the Quest its resolution is started and points out which Location it's being ended up in.

Acting player

Acting player counter

It's held by the player who's on turn.


Epilogue tile

The Epilogue tile on the Memory Track defines the lenght of the game
Place it on the fourth space from the left for a standard length game (three Memories), on fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth for a longer game. When all the spaces on left side of the Epilogue will be occupied by a Tale the Epilogue will start bringing the game to its end.


Story arbiter counter

This counter is given at the beginning of the game to the Story Arbiter, who has the last word on the quality of the tales.


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