ALBE PAVO is a game design studio born from the hobby of three friends. After many years of amateur game design, Gomez passed away due to a sudden and terrible illness. So we decided to honor his memory through independent publication, in the hopes of producing and spreading the many projects which we worked on together. The mission of ALBE PAVO is to create and produce boardgames that are designed to be new and ambitious!

Since its inception in 2011, ALBE PAVO has released MUNERA: Familia Gladiatoria, Sake & Samurai, Beer & Vikings, Winter Tales, which has been published worldwide by FANTASTY FLIGHT GAMES. At the moment we are working on other incredibly crazy projects just like the evolution of top seller Carnival Zombie.



I take care of management and game design. I love to play and I started designing games in my early teens. I think a good game doesn’t need to just have good mechanics, but also a good background and to be fully themed. A good game designer needs to read as much as possible because knowledge is the first source of inspiration. You never know when ideas are going to pop into your head, so I always carry a notebook with me to jot them down. From there I develop game mechanics, with the goal of creating systems that are funny and innovative.



I'm an illustrator and a designer. I've participated in projects with Mindstalkers Miniatures / ManorHouse Workshop, Project Hope, BB Publishing, Janus Design, Wild Boar and others. I've also worked with the most important experts in the game sector and the best illustrators. A big fan of board games, I mainly deal with the visual aspect of product design, although I often like to help out revising rules and game mechanics.


I primarily play the role of general advisor and devil's advocate in ALBE PAVO team. I get a diabolic pleasure out of pushing the brains of these geniuses till they either reach the Zen of their job. In second place, I'm the author of videos, CGs and 3d and help in different technical tasks when needed. I work as an advisor, director and video-maker for public institutions, NGOs and professionals in the fields of education and art. My goal is to make meaningful, beautiful and inspiring things happen and spread culture, intelligence and friendship. Thoes are also core components of boardgaming.


At his birth his parents rolled the dices and picked up these merits and flaws for him: heavy metal fan, boardgamer, eater of weird foods, comics addicted and sci-fi/fantasy/horror tales adept... So he was doomed since the beginning of times to end up an IT man. Due to the repulsion his mates have for geek-tech jargon it was equally unavoidable he'd become WebMaster for ALBE PAVO.
At the moment he's figuring out how to talk Klingon backwards to control the masses, obliging both David Lynch and you all ( OBEY! ) to support CZ2, Archean and our scheme to rule the world (of boardgames).


ALBE PAVO is a registered trademark. P.IVA 07106700961