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Winter Tales | OVERVIEW

Following the victory in the War of Autumn, the Regime of Winter has clutched the Land of Fairy Tales in its cold grasp. Fuelled by hate and fear, Winter aims at extinguishing the flame of love and the light of hope under a blanket of snow and the never-ending chill of a winter night. In the winding alleys and the small houses desperately clinging to the hillside, frightened Fairy Tales move in the shadows, knowing they cannot allow all hope for the future to be snuffed out by the cold and ready to fight to drive Winter away and let Spring come again.

Winter Tales is a storytelling board game for 3 to 7 players. In each game, the players will recount the subtle but merciless war between Fairy Tale characters, who stand for hope and freedom, and the Soldiers of Winter, who embody wickedness and oppression.
Each player will belong to one of the Factions in play and will take control of some of its characters, fighting either for the return of Spring or to snuff out all hope and to further the arrival of an everlasting Winter.
Each game of Winter Tales is different, because each time you are telling a new story and creating a shared plot, in the first true social storytelling board game.



Leaning on a hillside facing east, protected from the fierce, cold winds blowing from the mountains, the Town was home to Fairy Tales and Dreams. But one fateful day the Regime came and gripped in its evil clutches both homes and people: the cold and the darkness are now snuffing out the flames of hope and love. Citizens lurk through the narrow alleys swept by the cold northern winds, trying not to draw on themselves the cruel attentions of the Soldiers of Winter. However, Fairy Tales are staging their resistance, working in shadows to allow for the return of Spring.




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