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SAKE & Samurai | PRODUCT

B&V product

Boxed set cover

Every SAKE & Samurai box contains:

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 40 Event cards;
  • 10 Minion cards;
  • 40 Weapon/Item cards;
  • 8 Interrupt cards;
  • 4 Location cards;
  • 8 Reference cards;
  • 8 Samurai boards;
  • 1 Origami Masu;
  • 8 Sitting counters;
  • 28 Step counters;
  • 20 Sake drink counters.


Masu – The most traditional Japanese cup for sake

Fold the card by the ways of origami and create the box to hold sake gems.

Samurai board

Samurai boards – Mighty heroes and deadly foes

Fighting for glory and sake.
Every Samurai card is your own board of game. When dead you'll turn your card to become an Enma Spirit.

Enma Spirit board

Minion card

Minion card – Ready to everything for their master

Provided with Attack, Defence, Step (distance of hit) and Movement features.

Event card

Event card – Moves of the great fighters

Every card has the description of an event and its effects.

Object card

Item and Weapons cards – Invaluable helps

Every object card has the description of its effect that may be everlasting or one-shot.
Every weapon card has the picture and the name of the weapon and its values for Attack, Defense and Steps (distance of hit).

Weapon card

Interruption card

Interruption cards - The unexpected is right behind the corner

Use them during other players' turn to produce the specified effect. They don't get counted in the amount of cards usable during a single turn.

Other components

In Sake & Samurai you'll find many more pieces to play. Beside location cards and sitting counters you get: sake drink counters, to measure drunkness of warriors; step counters, that show the distance between a samurai and the next one; and useful reference cards with all the symbols of the game.


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