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BEER & Vikings | PRODUCT

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Boxed set cover

BEER & Vikings is both a standalone game and an expansion for SAKE & Samurai, introducing the epic Valhalla cards!
In detail, every BEER & Vikings box contains:

  • 1 English Rulebook plus 1 Italian Rulebook
  • 30 Event cards;
  • 14 Minion cards;
  • 42 Weapon/Item cards;
  • 12 Interrupt cards;
  • 4 Location cards;
  • 10 Valhalla cards;
  • 8 Reference cards;
  • 8 Viking boards;
  • 1 Origami Mug;
  • 8 Berserk counters;
  • 24 Step counters;
  • 20 Beer drink counters.


Mug – The most traditional northern cup for beer

Fold the card by the ways of origami and create the box to hold beer counters.

Viking board

Viking boards – Mighty heroes and deadly foes

Fighting for beer and glory.
Samurai cards are your board of game. If dead you'll turn your card you'll become a Spirit of Loki.

Loki Spirit board

Minion card

Minion card – Ready to everything for their clan leader

Provided with Attack, Defence, Step (distance of hit) and Movement features.

Event card

Event card – Moves of the great fighters

Every card has the description of an event and its effects.

Object card

Item and Weapons cards – Invaluable helps

Every object card has the description of its effect that may be everlasting or one-shot.
Every weapon card has the picture and the name of the weapon and its values for Attack, Defense and Steps (distance of hit).

Weapon card

Interruption card

Interruption cards - The unexpected is right behind the corner

Use them during other players' turn to produce the specified effect. They don't get counted in the amount of cards usable during a single turn.

Valhalla card

Valhalla cards - Glory for those who stand out in battle

These cards provides you a very strong ability during the match, but to obtain them you need to kill an opponent generating a vengeful Spirit... Be careful on path to Valhalla!

Other components

In BEER & Vikings you'll find many more pieces to play. Beside location cards and Berserk counters you get: beer drink counters, to measure drunkness of warriors; step counters, that show the distance between a viking and the next one; and useful reference cards with all the symbols of the game.


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