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MUNERA: Familia Gladiatoria | PRODUCT

Boxed set cover

Every MUNERA: Familia Gladiatoria box contains:

  • 2 10-sided dice (numbered from 0 to 9);
  • 1 Spectacle board;
  • 1 historical map of Italy;
  • 4 Gymnasium charts;
  • 1 Rudis marker;
  • 1 Comprobatio marker showing Straight Thumb / Pressed Thumb (front / back);
  • 8 location markers (2 for every Gymnasium);
  • 36 popularity markers with value 1/2 – 1/3 – 2/3;
  • 32 experience markers with level Tiro (T) / Veteranus (V) (front / back) divided between the Classes
  • 16 experience markers with level Tiro (T) / Primus Palus (Pp) (front / back) divided between the Classes
  • 1 Pugna marker;
  • 2 Virtus markers;
  • 13 wound markers;
  • 32 wooden coins representing value 1;
  • 8 copper coins representing value 5;
  • 4 golden coins representing value 10;
  • 40 Eventum cards;
  • 22 Munus cards;
  • 40 Gladiator cards;
  • 28 Minister cards.

Gladiator card

Gladiator cards – The champions of the Arena

Each card represents a Gladiator and shows his Callsign, his Origin (prisoner of war, slave, criminal or volunteer citizen) and his characteristics (Valor, Courage and Charisma).

Minister card

Minister cards – The backbone of the Gymnasium

Each card represents a professional figure and shows his Cost and Skill. You will buy trainers, doctors, armourers, cooks and even prostitutes!

Munus card

Munus cards – The Spectacles and the Arenas

Each Munus card represents a Spectacle in a city and shows the number of Gladiators required and the payments in Glory and Coins offered to participate.

Eventum card

Eventum cards – The inscrutability of Fate

They represent the Fate and can be played in different moments of the game. Each Eventum card evokes a particular aspect of the life in the Gymnasium or the fighting in the Arena, bringing to life the forgotten world of Gladiators.

Italy board

Italy map

Divided in the Regions created by Augustus, Italy was the main stage for Gladiatorial Combats. In these Arenas are fought not only the Gladiators duels, but also the challenges between Gymnasiums, to determine which of them will be the most glorious. On this board you also manage the Bets and Tamperings during the duels of other Gymnasium’s Gladiators!

Munus board

Spectacle board

On this table the duels of Gladiators are resolved and here you keep track of the approval of the Crowd and of the Magistrate who sponsored the spectacle: the only one who has the right to decree the salvation or the death of a defeated Gladiator!

Ludus board

Gymnasium charts

These charts are used to manage the Gymansium and to keep track of the Glory earned. The Gymansium charts show the Gladiator’s oath, “Uri vinciri verberari ferroque necari”: "I swear to be marked by fire, bound by chains, whipped by the rod and killed by the sword!"

Rudis marker


It represents the rod of power. Originally it was just a branch of grapevine brandished by the magistrates, as a symbol of power, and by the centurions, to keep in line the legionnaires. As in the real world, also in MUNERA: Familia Gladiatoria the keeper of the Rudis has a significant advantage.

Comprobatio marker


This double-sided marker is used to represent the approval or contempt of the crowd. One side shows the pressed thumb, with which the loser was saved. The other side displays the straight thumb, which instead represent the death sentence.

Class marker

Gladiators Classes and their Experience

You will assign a Class to each Gladiator: this means that you will train him to fight according to fighting techniques that really existed in Ancient Rome. Equipped in a well-defined manner and trained to a specific fighting style, the Gladiators specialized in one of the existing Classes, such as the charismatic Retiarius or the impenetrable Myrmillo. Accumulating Popularity through fighting in the arenas the Gladiators increase their experience to become Veterans or Primus Palus, the highest and most prestigious gladiatorial rank.

Others components

In MUNERA: Familia Gladiatoria you will find many other game markers. In addition to coins and wooden tokens, each box contains useful tokens to handle the duels, to keep track of injuries and to indicate the skill of the gladiators in combat. Finally, the card sleeves and two 10-sided dice complete everything you'll need to live your adventures in the Arenas of the Empire.

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