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MUNERA: Ars Dimicandi | OVERVIEW

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Make your Gladiators even more deadly and put under a greater test your skills as a Lanista!

MUNERA: Ars Dimicandi is the first expansion of MUNERA: Familia Gladiatoria.
Focused on fighting, it gives to each lanista a new way to manage the duels of his champions. MUNERA: Ars Dimicandi also offers a new approach to the managerial system, promoting a more accurate planning of the game.
Most part of the rules have been thought for the new features introduced in the expansion, however it's possible to use freely the new Forum and Munus phases in the standard game.

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MUNERA: Ars Dimicandi is a free expansion of MUNERA: Familia Gladiatoria and it's a gift for the support received by all the Lanistae, all over the world!

You can find it in the Download section.

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