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Boxed set cover

Every Carnival Zombie box contains:

  • 1 Rulebook (English and Italian);
  • 1 Game board and 6 Sunken markers;
  • 8 Obstacle markers, 4 Fortification markers and 24 cubes for Barricades;
  • 1 Calendar marker and 1 Clock marker;
  • 1 tile for Bridge/Cemetery, 1 tile for Pile of corpses/Boat and 4 Boat markers;
  • 6 Character sheets, 6 Character pawns, 3 Order markers e 1 Group marker;
  • 42 Item cards, for Equipment and Weapons;
  • 18 Nightmare cards;
  • 6 Stress markers and 6 Paranoia cubes;
  • 1 Abyss bag;
  • 10 Survivor cubes;
  • 140 cubes for the Infected: Vermin, Incubus, Moloch e Goliath;
  • 8 Boss markers and 10 Damage cubes;
  • 1 Holy bomb marker;

Game board

Game board – The city on the back of the sleeping horror

The game board depicts the areas where the different phases of a match take place:

  • Map of Venice: shows the long path that the Characters must walk to flee away.
  • Tactical Map: details the zones where the Characters will hide to protect themselves from the enemies, getting past Obstacles, taking the chance to rest behind Refuges found along the way and building up temporary Barricades.
  • Dump: holds the Barricades not available to the players.
  • Terror Track: show the geowth of Stress for each Character.
  • Calendar: marks the days left to get away before the Leviathan's awakening.
  • Clock: ticks the unstoppable movement of the hours during Days and Nights.
  • Tarots: recap the details of Infected and Bosses.
  • Bomb Track: depicts the steps to fire the only weapon that can avoid Venice's end.

Sunk street Obstacle Refuge

Markers for sunk streets, obstacles, refuges, pile of corpses and cubes for barricades – How to move along and survive in the lagoon

Along the way you'll find a lot of obstacles phisycally crossing your path but you'll also find a shelter in many buildings and a great number of materials could be used to barr you indoor to protect from the assaults of the Infected which, even once killed, will come back to the undeath to torment you.
You must learn to get the best out of every hide and stay away from the most dangerous ares to survive until the next morning!


Markers for Calendar and Clock - Day and night move on, hour by hour...

They are placed on the game board and trace the countdown to the unescapable end of Venice.

Boat (other areas) Boat (deck)

Marker for Bridge/Cemetery and Boat - Safe escapes

When the Group of Characters is near the edge of the city they can leave it on foot, by airship or sailing to sea.
The markers will be used in these endings pointing out the appropriate areas of the map.

Character Sheet

The Characters – Friends of misery

The Group of Characters moves as one on the map of Venice but each player controls and tries to save his masks as single pawns on a deadly chessboard.
Each Characters has indeed unique abilities written on his sheet and a path of stress and paranoia that will determine in part his fate.
Will Captain Terror, Lady Columbine, Hellequin, Brighell, Pantalion and Doc Pestilence get rescued together or will they die alone?

Nightmare cards

Nightmare cards – When reality and dream mix up

Nightmare cards report the positive and negative events that the Characters will face during the days of Carnival, in their long (hope so!) escape to safety.

Game display


The game contains many other components for fleeing and battling the Leviathan.
Discover them in YOUR box of Carnival Zombie!

Boxed set back cover


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